The company is formed as a small craft company in the 1990s, later to become L’arte Nella Posa Ltd in the year 2009,

maintaining the same quality and professionalism obtained from the years of experience in the sector.

Our company is based in Rivoli (Turin), Francia 1/D and disposes of n°2 architects,

n°3 site managers, n°3 office clerks and around n°50 specialized skilled workers divided in teams,

all of which have a team leader and every single subject is qualified in accordance from the works he does.


The company’s structure is organized in a certain manner in order to be bale to guarantee the highest level of competence and assistance to our clients.

On site we operate with teams of skilled workers and the projects supervisors, our directional offices are composed from a technical office, procurement office, accounting and administration office and the general direction office of our CEO.

Our warehouse manages materials, equipment and site machinery.

In this way we are able to meet the needs of our clients from project planning to complete realization of the project.

Furthermore our company besides the operational machinery also owns a “fleet” of commercial vehicles with which we operate daily, among these vehicles we have vans, cars, trucks equipped with crane and many more.